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Up Together with Cortney Westbrook

Welcome Urban Family Talk Listeners!


Hey! Welcome to my friends listening to Urban Family Talk!  Specifically to those of you that are listening to my friend Cortney Westbrook on his show UpTogether with Cortney Westbrook!

Up Together with Cortney Westbrook

I’m honored that Cortney asks me from time to time to come on the show with him. I wanted to create a landing spot just for you, the listener. We appreciate you listening and hope to bring you helpful content. You owe it to yourself to check out Cortney’s YouTube channel, “Life with Cortney and Christian”.  You are certain to get a laugh! I am blessed to work with this fine couple and consider them more than co-workers, they are friends.

All About That Social Media

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One of my current side hustles

Have you ever wondered why more of us don’t know about God’s methods for a healthier life? In the last couple years I found that there are better ways to help deal with the everyday issues we face without the side-effects of over the counter medication. More and more people are tired of putting things into their bodies that they can’t pronounce or trust. I enjoy teaching people how to find better options. You can find out more and contact me if you are interested by checking out my site here.

Thank you again for coming by!