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Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit

I’ll always remember as a kid the smell of Juicy Fruit gum. My Grandfather would have either Juicy Fruit or Spearmint gum in his pocket. His generosity usually allowed me to get a stick from time to time. I have a pack of each sitting on my chest of drawers as we speak. I’m not sure what I’m waiting on to bust open a pack and get to chewing.Juicy Fruit

This post isn’t really about gum. What I do want to talk to you about is juicing fruits and vegetables. I have been observing the world of juicing for some time now. I started with a cheap ol blender to make smoothies. The blender is a great way to tasty smoothies. What a wonderful way to add fruit and veggies to your diet. Both methods are certainly better than candy bars!

The more I looked into juicing, the more I decided that I wanted to add juicing to my diet. juicing has been proven to have health benefits over and over.

Here are a couple or more things I hoped to achieve with the Omega VRT350.

1. Primary reason- juice fasting
2. Loose weight.
3. Reset for the mind, body and soul.

Why fast? There are many great reasons to fast that I will not get into very deeply in this article. Fasting is scriptural. That says it all. According to the Bible we must fast and pray to see some things come to pass. We must feed the spiritual part of us more than the flesh. Removing the hinderance of my flesh allows me to more easily allow God to work in and through me. This is primarily the reason for purchasing the Omega.

As a side benefit of the juice fasting I expect that it will be good for my health. That by the way is Biblical as well. Getting rid of a few extra pounds I don’t need is a good thing! I have actually lost about 10 pounds. I’ve been very casual about juicing so far. I expect that another 10 would be easily lost when I get down to business.

Benefits that I’ve found from juicing.

1. Clear mind
2. Better rest
3. Weight loss

So I am an advocate of juicing. I just wanted to give you a bit of insight to the first steps I have taken to draw closer to God and experience the health benefits of juicing.

I asked friends via Facebook and Twitter if I could juice homemade biscuits. Overwhelming the response was that gravy must be added. Carrots and other friendly fruits may not go well with a biscuit.

Here is the Omega Vert 350 HD that I purchased.
(If you buy via this link I may be paid a small commission. You won’t notice any price increase on your part, no worries!)


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  • Rachel S.

    Hmm…I believe I need to look into juicing….the three benefits listed are definitely what I need to “improve” myself :)