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Life’s Changes Bring Better Times

Recently Andy Griffith passed from this life on to another. He used his gifts and talents through the medium of television. As many as three generations have enjoyed The Andy Griffith Show. I personally have laughed and even learned from this great show. The values expressed in the series represented the ideas of many Americans. Honesty was one of the attributes. We certainly could use more honesty and integrity. Andy Griffith

We had our own Mayberry of sorts. I can remember a time when my family never locked their doors. There was an exception. When a prisoner escaped. Everybody was on high alert and called their neighbor. Town was several miles from our farm. The dirt was plentiful. Rivers crawled through the flat expanse known as the Mississippi Delta. The mosquitoes have the appetite of Otis. Of course they are bloodthirsty. I’m sure if they got the blood of some they got their share of alcohol. It seems the sound of normal night creatures were drowned out by the roar of the Blackhawk sized skeeters. Only a slight exaggeration is used here. Our Mayberry was settled deep in the country. We piped in the sunshine to our cotton fields. There is no better place to grow up than on the farm. It was rough at times, but the many memories and lessons learned will remain with me for the rest of my life. I learned to work chopping cotton on long, hot summer days. Later I moved up to a tractor. I felt like I had arrived. I really arrived after the my pay went from $0 to $2 per hour. You would think I earned a badge or got an award. My first purchase was a boom box and of course D cell batteries to power it.

I recently visited with friends from Joplin, MO. Several months ago a devastating tornado forever changed the landscape of Joplin. Lives were torn apart and families reduced in number. Storms come in our life in many shapes and forms. Sometimes they will leave us bruised. There may even be a loss. Unexpected life changes can be painful.

For some the change is a good thing. It may be painful in the moment, but the end result will be a faith tested by fire. I’m not one to say divorce is a good thing. God hates divorce, however He doesn’t hate divorced people. I can say without a doubt divorce, if there is biblical grounds, is not a bad thing. I clearly see before me the wounds of a marriage plagued with adultery and lies. The marriage is not salvageable. It breaks the will and heart. It is hard to see past the pain. Slowly and surely healing will come.

Eventually through the storm a light will shine. The light isn’t an oncoming train, it is hope. Hope of a new and bright future. Career changes often which come as a result of a downsizing could be what it takes to propel you beyond a mediocre life. Mundane Mondays changed in a moment. If we can only look past what seems to be devastation and see there is a plan for our life.

When a building is being demolished it appears to be only wreckage, with nothing usable in the wake. Usually what the casual observer doesn’t know is there are plans for something new and better on the way. Just because you can’t see the blueprint doesn’t mean the Lord doesn’t have them all drawn up! He has plans to prosper us according to Jer 29:11.

Scripture confirms your joy comes after the mourning. The rainbow was given as a promise from God for us to say, He wouldn’t destroy the earth with water again. You can make a come back. Look beyond the now and plan for the best days you have ever had. You can make a plan of action which will result in your greatest success. Read a new book or go to a conference. Expand your vision by connecting with people who can propel you forward. Dream and do.

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