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Cellular South will become C Spire Wireless on September 26th

I have been intrigued for a few days now by an ad that has been circulating the interwebs. This ad has been very effective. Customers and non customers have been trying to guess what will happen. It seems that for now we do know that Cellular South, my beloved wireless provider, will be changing it’s name to C Spire Wireless. I took a picture a couple days ago of the sign in front of the local store. As you can see they certainly have them shrouded in some material as to protect the identity of a new logo design. There is more to the story..

C Spire Wireless

Name change for cellular south to c spire wireless

Among other things it apparently will be adding “customization” and customer specific recommendations for applications as well as for other things. They seem to be adapting to their customer instead of the customer adapting to them. Another feature called converged services is also mentioned in this quote:

C Spire is not just a wireless service company. It is a multi-media technology provider that is seamlessly connecting all of our customers’ devices for an optimum, converged experience.

http://www.personalizedwireless.com is the new website that promises to be state-of-the-art. This is very exciting news. Something tells me there will be more to this than what we know. Could they be expanding to other areas of the nation? We will find out September 26th!

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