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Cellularsouth is Releasing Android 2.2 for Samsung Galaxy S Phones!

I just happened to be looking through Facebook and ran across a post from Cellularsouth announcing that they would be releasing Android 2.2 for their Samsung Galaxy S phone. I almostThe Samsung Update not too late fainted. They have been very hush hush about this. Search after search wouldn’t reveal any information. Phones that are well… not as strong as the Galaxy S have been updated well in advance of this model. My geek brain was formulating the idea that they would release the 2.3 version and skip ahead altogether. It is not happening that way..

Here is the quote from their facebook post:

We have approved Android 2.2 for the Samsung Galaxy S and anticipate it being available to you by the end of next week. While 2.2 offers new features including flash capabilities, it will not fix some of the native client email problems on 2.1. We’re happy to announce that Android 2.3 will be in our labs for testing by 7/11 and should fix these issues. We will provide weekly progress updates when 2.3 testing begins.

As a Samsung Galaxy S owner and a geek that likes to keep it all updated, I’m thrilled. Well with the exception of the “update” by Microsoft called “Windows 7 Service Pack 1” Watch your bits before you update to that bitiful thing.

So I suppose I can relax now knowing that the update awaits. They are communicating with their customers. Imagine that…  novel idea.

It will be exciting to follow their progress. By the way I am a very satisfied customer, even before the news of the update. It would be nice if the coverage here was just a bit stronger, or if there was a way to allow the connection to only connect to a tower that was considered “roaming”. I know that’s asking too much.

Cellularsouth, Rock on!


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